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Children's Aid Societies workers in schools. A parent and student questionnaire. Parents and/or students who feel that they have been adversely affected in some way as a result of child protection workers going into a school to speak to a child on family related matters without informed consent. click here to participate
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Request for meaningful relationships with our children

In the context of the federal responsibility for divorce, the word “meaningful” is of great importance to parents and their children. Justice Minister McKay said, “the Government of Canada is committed to ensuring that, in the event of a marital breakdown, both parents maintain a meaningful relationship with their children, unless it is clearly demonstrated not to be in the best interests of the children.” Supreme Court Justice Thomas Cromwell, in his 2014 report on family law entitled “Meaningful Change for Family Justice” says the current law is “inadequate” and “failing” and while family law practice “looks different”, it needs a “fundamental overhaul”.
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Mandate the use of body recording equipment by court security officials to help stop the harassment of citizens at our courts

Justice minded supporters for accountability and transparency are invited to participate in an email letter writing campaign to members of the Ontario Legislature requesting that all security officers at courthouses be required to be equipped with body mounted recording devices to accurately record their interactions with members of the public. This campaign is in response to a growing number of citizens being subjected to a number of abuses and injustices by security officers while attending our public courthouses. Attached to this email is a letter from a Mr. Schiele which provides a powerful example of these abuses. The use of body mounted video/audio recoding equipment will not only protect members of the public from officers who abuse their power and authority but help provide protection to court officials who may find themselves the subject of assaults, threats and false allegations. The use of such equipment will significantly improve the respect for the courts and the administration of justice and make citizens less afraid to come to their courts.
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Parents who Alienate, this Pathology is not a child custody and visitation issue, it is a child protection issue

Understanding the dynamics behind Parental alienation is crucial. Dr. Childress clearly makes this understandable on a level that anyone who is dealing with current/open cases that having this information and being able to produce it in court may help beyond words. It Is abuse and states it clearly now in the DSM It is a parents first line of defence in stopping this epidemic tragedy. Parental Alienation is abuse towards the child and targeted Parent. Child Protection workers should be educated in regards to Parental Alienation its dynamics and effect suffered by the children.

Its time to charge London CAS workers for criminal activities

Justice Minded readers are encouraged to help promote justice by reading the attached letter written by a mother to the Chief of police for the London, Ontario Police Services which is attached to this campaign and by participating in a mail campaign to put public pressure on the Chief of Police lay criminal charges against the CAS worker who was involved in the matter. Information would support that the London CAS worker who was involved used force to enter a premises, then unlawfully detained, terrified and interrogated a mother and her 12-year-old daughter for more than 10 hours then had them held hostage in London Ontario for more than a month against their wills. The letter clearly outlines the shocking abuse of power and authority that so many parents encounter today with Children's Aid Society workers. Please help by joining in with other Justice Minded citizens to let the Chief of Police know that its time to start charging CAS workers who break the law. Readers are encouraged to share this letter with friends and neighbours.

Compensate Mr. Romeo Phillion for being wrongfully convicted


I am writing you today in support and unrest of Mr. Romeo Phillion, the longest-serving innocent inmate in Canada. Mr. Romeo Phillion is now in his final years and with a medical condition living under the poverty level. Mr. Phillion is being refused compensation as of today for the 30+ years he spent imprisoned for a wrongful conviction. Compensation which was dismissed by a judge who said the case was too old for there to be a fair trial. Mr. Phillion is currently appealing that decision. I would like to request from your office a response in regards to your stand that Mr. Romeo be awarded full compensation along with an public apology. What kind of Canada will we be allowing our children to grow into when allowing such massive mistakes to be swept under the rug.

Minister Bhullar says inquiry into deaths of kids in government care not needed


Alberta's new Human Services Minister won't call a public inquiry into the deaths of children in government care. Over 600 children have died in Foster Care, one even starved to death and many others suffering unbelievable deaths. In Canada our legal system forbids us to hear the trials from the media. While even the names of some of these lost children are even decapitated from their very bodies because the law will not allow their names to be published. CANADIANS STAND UP FOR THE RIGHTS OF CHILDREN! No inquiry means we do not think these children's lives matter, so much so that we can not even be bothered to look into their deaths.

Equal Parenting is Not in the Lawmakers best interest


Equal parenting Bill C-560 failed on May 28th I was disgusted and I know if you voted against C-560, you have betrayed middle class parents and children for the profits of an elite. Hundreds of thousands are affected directly, their anger is that of people who have not had justice. The current family law system creates large amounts of family poverty, homelessness, jailing of parents simply for being poor and bitterness against the legal system. Frankly, many parents believe from their experience that family law, the legal profession and judges are self-serving, biased and corrupt.

Bill 88 regarding expansion of Children's Aid Society services and funding must be stopped


Readers are asked to help support a letter writing campaign to Ontario's elected MPP's to stop Bill 88, an act to amend the Child and Family Services Act which is currently before the Ontario Legislature. Bill 88 if it passes would give even more money and power to Ontario's Children's Aid Agencies by giving CAS the authority to deliver financial support services for persons 16 to 24 years of age. Services provided by CAS would be in direct competition to existing government agencies such as Ontario works. Allowing CAS agencies to provide the same services that existing government services are providing will result in a bureaucratic and administrative nightmare which will waste a lot of taxpayer money. CAS agencies have already demonstrated that they cannot competently deliver services for those under the age of 16 so the government of Ontario should not be expanding the mandate of CAS agencies. Bill 88 will cause many children and families to be harmed at significant additional costs to the taxpayers of Ontario.

TD Bank financial donation to Childrens Aid Society law-breakers

In May of 2013, Mr. Eric Griggs, Regional Vice President of the TD Bank donated $75,000 to the Children's Aid Society on behalf of shareholders. Readers are encouraged to participate in a campaign to better inform the TD Bank Board of Directors about the problems with the Children's Aid Agencies and to help ensure that TD does not donate any further money until all front line CAS workers are registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers as required by law.

Kevin Flynn (MPP) conflict of interest regarding the Children's Aid Society and Bill 42

On April 11, 2013 MPP for Oakville, Ontario Mr. Kevin Flynn, voted against Ombudsman oversight of the Children's Aid Society. Ombudsman oversight would have helped to protect some families from abuse by the CAS in Ontario. Unknown to many, Mr. Flynn was the former President of the Halton Children's Aid Society which was in his riding. Join in with other Canadians to let the MPPs in Ontario know that conflict of interest by Mr. Flynn or any Member of the Legislature MPP is not acceptable. MPP's in such a situation should abstain from voting.

Ombudsman Bill 42 second reading


On Thursday April 11, 2013, the second reading of Bill 42 to give the Ombudsman of Ontario, Andre Marin, oversight over the province's various Children's Aid agencies will be introduced.

Ombudsman oversight March 2013


On Wednesday, March 27, 2013, Monique Taylor, MPP for Hamilton Mountain is to introduce a private member bill in the Legislature to give the Ombudsman of Ontario, Andre Marin, oversight over the province's various Children's Aid agencies